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Printing Finance

Invoice finance is a unique business service designed to provide you with the flexibility you need to keep your business running smoothly while you await payment of invoices. With printing finance from First Financial, you are extending credit to cover your outstanding invoices while you await payment. This equates to immediate profitability, as you have access to your funds from the moment your invoice is issued to your customer.

First Financial offers a range of services to aid you in growing your business. With credit protection, you can protect yourself from bad credit risks from those customers who do not pay. This enables you to spend more time finding new customers and less time worrying about the inherent risk of each new customer to whom you extend a line of credit.

Growing your business is hard work. Finding the customer base you need to ensure your continued growth requires constant investment of time and financial resources. Using invoice finance services lets you take full advantage of all the work you complete immediately, without the need to wait for payments to arrive. You can turn around and reinvest those funds into whichever part of your business needs them most at the time. You can even use those funds to generate even more business, which can ultimately help you expand your business and your customer base faster.

If you have never worked with customers on credit before, you could find that printing finance from First Financial is exactly the tool you need to make that a smoother, less risky proposition. By extending lines of credit, you can reach out to larger customers and clients who can make use of your products or services. You will find yourself forming long lasting, mutually profitable relationships with clients and businesses who have the status and purchasing power you need to bring your own company to the top of its field.

Printing finance is a tool designed to help you meet your goals as a business owner. By securing instant access to funds from your completed jobs, you need no longer worry about late payments or non-payments. Instead, you can move forward confidently, knowing the risks you take are secured by First Financial.

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